Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Exercise Decatur Memorial Hospital physical therapists use warm water therapy pools at the Forsyth Physical Therapy, SPEC, or the Greater Decatur YMCA to treat patients ranging from children to adult. Aquatic therapy uses water’s special properties to provide a unique rehabilitation opportunity for certain patients including those who are wheelchair-bound. Benefits include ease of movement; reduced stress on joints, spine, and extremities; resistance for strengthening; pain reduction; and increased balance, coordination, circulation, and flexibility.

A physician’s order is necessary. For more information please call (217) 876-2600.


Aquatic Therapy/Hydrotrack

HydrotrackAlso available at the Sports Enhancement Center is the Hydrotrack. The Hydrotrack is a warm water underwater treadmill that can be used to challenge your gait and balance in a gravity-neutralized environment. Using the properties of water such as buoyancy, heat, pressure, and resistance, the Hydrotrack can provide a warm, body weight-supported environment in which to work on gait training, balance training, and strengthening. Patients can easily enter by a side door with a 6” step.