Plaza Pharmacy eases transition from hospital to home

Plaza PharmacyWhen hospital patients are discharged, getting home quickly takes top priority.

To help ease this transition from hospital to home, Physicians Plaza Pharmacy has several service options available that can make getting home with the necessary prescription medications quicker and easier:

  • When your doctor says you can go home, you can choose to have prescriptions you need conveniently delivered directly to your hospital room.
  • You can also opt to pick up your prescriptions in Physicians Plaza Pharmacy as you leave the hospital.
  • A convenient drive-through prescription pick-up service is also available on the west side of the hospital.
  • Or if you live in Decatur, you can ask to have your prescriptions delivered free of charge to your home.

Physician Plaza Pharmacy is conveniently located on DMH’s first floor near Kirkland Lobby. For more information, stop by or call 217-876-5566.

Please note: The cost of prescriptions cannot, by law, be included in the hospital bill. Payment is required at time of service, however, charge accounts can be set up if necessary. Patients who are new to Physicians Plaza Pharmacy will need to provide a copy of their prescription insurance card.