Physicians Plaza Pharmacy drive-up

Physician Plaza Pharmacy Drive Thru

The Physicians Plaza Pharmacy drive-up is located outside the Kirkland Lobby entrance.

The one-lane drive has a pneumatic tube system, similar to a drive-up lane at a bank.

"We hope this helps both employees and patients with easier access to getting their prescriptions," says Steve Welch, Physicians Plaza Pharmacy Manager.

To use the service, prescriptions need to be called in to the pharmacy at 217-876-5566 or faxed to 217-876-6215. If you fax in a prescription, remember to bring the original with you when you pick up your order. New prescriptions also can be dropped off through the drive-up, but employees/patients should allow 20 to 40 minutes before returning to pick up their prescription.

Payment options include payroll deduct, credit cards, checks and cash.

"Patients will need to come into the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions that are physically large, like some breathing treatment medication and boxes of syringes," says Steve.

Personal service including counseling patients about their prescriptions is still available and will be done in person at the pharmacy or over the phone.

"We want to make sure patients have the information they need and feel comfortable with their prescriptions, but we want to protect their privacy, too," says Steve.