Physicians Plaza Pharmacy

Physicians Plaza Pharmacy will permanently close on September 30, 2014. You may continue to order and pick up prescriptions until that date. You will need to transfer your prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. To do this, simply call the new pharmacy you have chosen, and ask them to call Physicians Plaza Pharmacy and we will transfer your prescription(s) to them. After September 30, prescriptions will be transferred to Walgreens. You may call Walgreens and either have your prescriptions filled or have them transferred to the pharmacy of your choice.

Online Prescription Refill Order Form

DMH Physician Plaza PharmacyIf you are a current Physicians Plaza Pharmacy customer here is an easy and convenient way to refill your prescriptions. Use the online form to order your refill ahead of time. That way, you can be sure that you'll have your medication exactly when you need it. Simply fill in the required information in the form, then pick up your prescription. It's that simple! You can submit your refill order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although during regular pharmacy hours your prescription should be ready within 24 hours from its submission, allowing more time assures that your prescription will be right on time! (Check your pharmacy's hours) Since your prescription is filled at the Physicians Plaza Pharmacy by the same pharmacists you've come to know, you can trust that you'll get the same great service you always expect. This service is available for refills only. If you're a current customer and are unable to get to the pharmacy, delivery service is available. Please make sure you check the box for "pick up" or "delivery".


Rx LabelIn order to refill your current prescription on-line you must provide the Rx number (this is the 7 digit number found on your current prescription bottle) and your phone number. Please make sure all information provided is correct to help you your pharmacist refill your prescription efficiently and accurately, ensuring your refill is ready on time! When ordering ahead, please allow your pharmacist at least 2 hours to refill your prescription.** Again, remember to check the pharmacy hours.

**If your prescription is not refillable, please allow additional time for physician approval.

A confirmation # will be given to you, notifying you that the pharmacy has received your refill request. If you're not certain of the exact time you submitted your refill request, you can call the pharmacy to make sure it is ready to be picked up.

DMH Physician Plaza Pharmacy
Conveniently located on DMH’s first floor near Kirkland Lobby
2300 N. Edward St.
Decatur, IL 62526