Hearing & Balance Center

Our Specialists will assist you in determining the cause and severity of your hearing loss then help you choose the best approach to dealing with the problem.

Areas of Focus

  • Ear Disorders
  • Childhood Related Hearing Loss
  • Meniere‚Äôs Disease
  • Sudden & Progressive Deafness Syndromes
  • Tumors
  • Chronic Ear Diseases

Hearing Aid Sales & Service Center
We offer a full array of analogue and digital hearing aid technology at competitive prices.
A new alternative to hearing aids

Our Specialists provide experienced insight to the cause and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders.

Areas of Focus

  • Audiology & Electronystagmography
  • Epley Maneuvers for Benign Postural Vertigo
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation & Fall Prevention Therapy
  • Transtympanic Medical Therapy

Medical Library