Cancer Treatment and Clinical Research

Approved for Clinical trials, we offer the latest cancer treatments to patients. The clinical research team works diligently to advance our mission to improve the health status and quality of life for cancer patients by providing a local access to state-of-the-art prevention and treatment trials.

An integral part of the Cancer Care Institute oncology program for ten years, the research component has several parts, including the Community Clinical Oncology Program, University of Chicago Phase II Program, the Association of Community Cancer Centers Collaborative Research Group, and pharmaceutical companies.

As part of our comprehensive approach to cancer care, we also offer our patients access to clinical trials that seek ways to prevent cancer from occurring. Accrual to two major prevention trials was completed last year. The Breast Cancer Prevention Trial (BCPT) realized an enrollment of 101 women, while sixty-four men were enrolled in the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial(PCPT) at our research(this) site. The NSABP has recognized our BCPT program for outstanding accrual and data quality. In recognition of our program, the local site coordinator was asked to become a part of the national steering committee for this important trial. In addition, we participate in several smaller prevention trials involving head and neck cancer, colon cancer, and pain and symptom management.

Decatur Memorial Hospital Center for Advanced Molecular Medicine includes a 16MeV GE PETtrace cyclotron and tracer center with a generous hot cell space for research of new PET tracer agents.