The DMH Stroke of Luck Group is a support group for persons recovering from a stroke and their family. The club meets quarterly from 3-4 p.m. in the DMH Rehabilitation Conference Room.

Facilitated by DMH occupational therapists and neuropsychologists, the group provides client/caregiver information and support through guest speakers and group activities.

Many of the emotional and physical changes resulting from a stroke may be difficult for therapists, physicians and even family members to understand. By bringing stroke survivors together, Stroke of Luck provides a unique opportunity for interaction, understanding, support and friendship.

Stroke of Luck members work together on at least one group project each year. Projects have included: participation in and fundraising for the American Heart Association’s local Heart Walk and staffing an informational booth at DMH’s annual "Day for Hearts," and the development of education information for other survivors.

A primary goal of Stroke of Luck is to educate community members about the warning signs of stroke, share information about stroke prevention, and provide the emotional support needed for better recovery.

Stroke of Luck was founded in August of 1999 and has helped many stroke survivors and families make lifelong friendships. For more information, call DMH Rehabilitation at 217-876-2600.