Some stroke patients who receive advanced treatment may still experience deficits. Patients can improve long term outcomes with rehabilitation activities after the onset of a stroke. At DMH, stroke patients are screened for rehabilitation treatment within 24 hours after admission.

Rehabilitation may consist of physical, occupational, speech, and neuropsychological therapy. Even though rehabilitation doesn’t “cure” stroke in that it does not reverse brain damage, rehabilitation can substantially help people achieve the best possible long-term outcome. Rehabilitation will help stroke survivors relearn skills that are lost when part of the brain is damaged.
Physical therapy will help you gain strength, balance, coordination, and promote muscle control. You will also work on core strength to facilitate independence in all aspects of your life. Our Stroke Therapy team members work to enhance their patients’ potential towards progress in returning to more independent living and mobility.
Occupational therapy focuses on your ability to perform activities of daily living independently as well as restore muscle control and strength. An occupational therapist is available to go to your home and assess for any modifications necessary for a stroke survivor to return home safely.
Speech therapy provides the opportunity for you to work on your communication skills. As a result of a stroke, sometimes it is a struggle to find appropriate words when communicating thoughts and feelings. Speech therapy also may need to assess an individual's safety with swallowing upon initial admission to the hospital.
Our facility is equipped with a therapeutic apartment so patients can learn to apply added strength, balance, and endurance to functional activities such as laundry, meal preparation, bed making and other homemaking tasks. This area is used by the rehabilitation team to focus an individual’s therapy goals towards increasing their functional independence.

If power wheelchairs, custom seating, or orthotic devices are needed, we can have specialists come to our clinic to assess you with your therapist for that needed equipment.