Frequently Asked Questions for DMH Medical Group

How does an e-visit work?

e-visits make use of technology to help keep the delivery of health care to our patients as efficient and timely as possible. Partnering with a dedicated health history collection system, we can help our well-established patients with minor medical concerns and some types of office follow-up appointments. Patients can gain access to our provider’s clinical experience for advice, treatment recommendation; and, if necessary, prescription medication. All visits are well-documented and filed in the patient’s private medical record for future review, if need be. All this can now be available as another option to you---performed online without leaving the privacy of your home or office.

Does my provider participate?

Click here to see a list of participating providers.

Who can use an e-visit?

e-visit office appointments are limited to established patients. Our goal is to make a confident diagnosis, define a patient-specific treatment plan, and keep our patients as safe as possible.

When is an e-visit available to use?

e-visits can be conducted in the privacy of your home or office 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Technology allows our providers access to your concerns via the internet. During normal clinic operating hours, you requests are reviewed regularly. Of course, for nights, weekends and holidays, requests may take a bit longer so we encourage patience. This allows our providers a margin of safety--which is important in dealing with your health.

Is my information safe and secure?

The health information that you provide is sent via a secure website to us--it will remain confidential and secure, and become part of your private medical record.

What types of medical problems are appropriate?

Minor medical problems appropriate for e-visits. We’ve included a list of some problems that might be appropriate for e-visits visits below—though it is important to remember that this list represents only some of the problems, and problems that are early or minor in their presentation: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, allergy symptoms, sinusitis symptoms, bronchitis, cough, cold, sore throat, rash, hives, poison ivy, urinary tract infection, pink eye, cold sore.

e-visits are not appropriate for moderate to severe medical problems, multiple problems, or problems that require same-day attention. Examples might include anything in the above list that is moderate or severe in nature, unknown pain, substantial fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, active bleeding, neurologic problems, refills for controlled substances, or any problem that is new or has an uncertain cause.

e-visits are not a substitute for seeing a provider because one is “too busy to come in.” In other words, we encourage the use of reasonable judgment----if you think that you might need to see the doctor or go to the ER, then most likely you do. Do not debate this with yourself, if there is any question at all, telephone us for direction, or seek appropriate medical care immediately.

When should I expect a response from my request for care?

Our staff and medical providers regularly check for your requests throughout the workday. Time is dedicated several times a day for our providers to carefully review your requests, obtain your medical records, define a treatment plan and submit a response and/or prescribe medication(s) as necessary. Generally, concerns are addressed within a few hours. During nights, weekends or holidays, our service remains open to our patients; however, our response could be delayed. Because this process is technology dependent, many things can slow our care to you such as provider access to the internet, unforeseen power or internet outage, server or email defects at any point in the system, and “Acts of God or nature’. In short, e-visits are for minor medical problems that can, as a rule, wait up to 24 hours for a decision and treatment if necessary. If care should take longer than that, or if there is a concern, we suggest that you telephone our provider directly or seek medical attention at a health facility

Are e-visits covered by my insurance?

e-visits are not covered by any private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. Because this type of medical practice is an emerging technology, carriers have not developed a payment structure that is standard throughout the health system.

What is the fee for service?

The DMH Medical Group has a fee of $35 for an e-visit. For patients with significant co-pays, or for those who have time constraints, this may be appropriate. For others, an office appointment may be the most appropriate choice.

If after the e-visit your doctor determines that you need to visit the office the $35 fee for the e-visit will be applied to your co-pay at the time of the visit or refunded in appropriate.

How will the doctor communicate my plan of care to me?

Once the medical problem has been deemed appropriate for online care, a treatment decision is made after reviewing your medical records and history. This treatment plan is communicated to you by secure email. If prescriptions are part of your treatment, they will be sent to your pharmacy. On occasion, if our providers feel it is necessary, a phone conversation and or a visit to the office may be appropriate between our medical staff and the patient.

How do I get started?

We consider it a privilege to serve as your provider. Patients that have established care with our practice and been seen within the last three years may simply begin by clicking here or the “e- visit” button in the left navigation.