Family Birth Center Services

Family Birth Center ServicesAt Decatur Memorial Hospital, all new Moms and babies receive excellent nursing care with state-of-the-art equipment in a newly decorated, home-like environment. Each new mom and baby has access to:

Infant Security System

Decatur Memorial provides a comfortable, safe environment to welcome your new little one. More information is available upon request.

Help at Home

DMH Home Health nurses are available if you or your baby have special needs at home.

Level II Maternity and Newborn Care

High-risk expectant moms can be cared for with specialized monitors and a professional expert staff. A team approach with our Pediatric Hospitalists and a skilled group of Registered Nurses allows a newborn needing Level II Nursery Care to remain at DMH.

Newborn Pictures

Your baby's picture can be placed on the Bella Baby website with a secure login and password with your consent.


Twenty-four hour rooming-in supports breastfeeding and is an essential element of the philosophy of the Family Birth Center. Rooming-in promotes contact with the newborn that enables the new mother to recognize and respond to the newborn’s needs and helps her develop confidence in her new mothering role. The practice of rooming-in is also flexible and respectful of the needs of the new mother. We have a fully staffed nursery and the decision to move the newborn to the nursery is made by you.

Family Visits

Fathers, siblings and grandparents are welcome anytime. For other guests, you can set your own visiting hours between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

All newborns are screened for hearing deficits. The test is painless and done while the newborn sleeps in the nursery. Early detection and treatment of hearing deficits greatly reduces developmental delays caused by hearing deficits.

DMH Family Lodge

Located just southeast of DMH at 2254 N. Union St., the Lodge provides convenient guest housing for out-of-town immediate family members of DMH inpatients. Call 217-876-5540 for more information.

The DMH Family Birth Center Also Offers:

DMH Birth Center
  • Online Childbirth Class
  • Childbirth Experience Classes (Prenatal)
  • Family Birth Center Tours
  • Bella Baby Photography
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Expectant Grandparent Classes
  • Infant CPR Classes
  • New Brother/New Sister Day Camp Classes
  • Real Dads Rock Classes
  • 24 Hour anesthesia services
  • Cesarean section delivery on the Family Birth Center nursing unit
  • Celebration Meal with the choice of several options
  • Individual counseling and follow up with a Certified Lactation Counselors
  • Breast pumps available for rent or puchase through DMH Medical Equipment

Please visit our Calendar of Events for classes and registration information.