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For the First Time in the United States New Tape That Makes Starting an IV Easier Available at Decatur Memorial Hospital


Decatur Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in the United States to receive delivery from Medline Industries of a new invention called Tapease™ that makes starting an IV easier.

Tapease™ was invented six years ago by three DMH nurses that thought there had to be a better way to secure the IV to a patient’s hand or forearm than using regular medical adhesive tape. So, they invented Tapease™ which is easy, fast and convenient to apply and remove. 
 Regular medical adhesive tape can be difficult to handle while wearing latex gloves. Using regular medical tape also increases the risk of contamination because it is often stuck temporarily to a surface before the nurse applies it to the patient’s skin to help stabilize the IV catheter.
“Tapease™ securely holds a catheter in place, reduces the risk of contamination, and offers a simpler, quicker and gentler way to insert and remove catheters,” said Sue Hesse, DMH RN, and one of the product’s inventors.

The sterile material and application design minimizes contamination which reduces the risk of infection.

Tapease™ is much easier to handle with gloves on because of its “nonstick” ends. This also makes Tapease™ easier to remove. Because Tapease™ is sterile and attached to the catheter and skin during a two-step procedure, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced. The adhesive and material have a minimal adherence life of 72 hours, the average maximum recommended life of an IV. The invention can be used with any brand and size of IV catheter.

Cortape Inc, in Cuyahoga, Ohio, manufactures Tapease™ for the Decatur, Ill., based company Majorus Medical.  Medline Industries in Mundelein, Ill., has received the first shipment of Tapease™ from Cortape Inc., and is now preparing IV start kits featuring Tapease™ .  These new IV start kits are available through Medline for the first time in the United States.  Decatur Memorial Hospital is the first hospital to receive the IV start kits with the Tapease™ invention.

Decatur, Ill., based Majorus Medical holds two US patents for Tapease™  and has applied for patents in Canada and Europe.  For more information, please visit