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Decatur Memorial Hospital Constructs New Redundant Data Center


Feb. 5, 2009... In a proactive security and failsafe measure, Decatur Memorial Hospital has constructed a new Redundant Data Center to minimize the impact to access electronic patient medical records in the event of a disaster to the hospital’s Primary Data Center.

“All electronic information about the hospital’s patients will be duplicated in the new Redundant Data Center,” said Jim Edwards, Director, Decatur Memorial Hospital Information Systems. “So, if the Primary Data Center fails for any reason, the patients’ information is automatically retrieved at the new Redundant Data Center.”

The new Redundant Data Center occupies 2,143 square feet including the generator and mechanical areas. The steel reinforced concrete bunker provides protection from tornado, flood, fire and earthquake and is monitored by closed circuit cameras. To ensure protection from disaster, the center is equipped with:

Power Protection

  • a Caterpillar generator for uninterrupted back-up power supply
  • 72 plus hour fuel supply for generator
  • redundant 320 watt power feeds into center

Fire Protection

  • fire suppression to quickly starve oxygen from the fire

Flood Protection

  • water leak detection
  • sump pump below data center floor
  • sump pump in generator room

Tornado Protection

  • steel reinforced concrete barrier surrounding center

Earthquake Protection

  • seismic mounted computer equipment to prevent falling during an earthquake
  • seismic mounted raised floor to prevent collapse during an earthquake

The new center also is equipped with separate cooling units which keeps the temperature a constant 65 degrees with humidity levels above 30 percent and below 50 percent. To help keep the temperature at 65 degrees, the two rows of computer equipment are equipped with computer racks where hot air from the computers is sucked away from the equipment and vented into the center’s main air conditioning units.

“The redundant data equipment that has occupied space in the Primary Data Center will now be relocated to the new Redundant Data Center,” Edwards said. “Having the same information at two separate locations ensures seamless back up if the Primary Data Center would fail or be compromised as a result of a disaster. This is one more measure we take at Decatur Memorial Hospital to provide quality healthcare to our patients.”