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DMH Wellness Center Introduces the Prevention Plan to Community


August 13, 2009...The DMH Wellness Center is now offering an affordable healthcare program to the community called The Prevention Plan. The Prevention Plan is a program that offers a unique approach to healthier living by analyzing current and future health risks.

The Prevention Plan is the first health program of its kind that focuses solely on preventive care. The program enables individuals to determine their top health risks and receive a customized plan and ongoing personal attention from a DMH professional to help lower those risks and become healthier.

With the prevention plan, individuals prioritize their health risks through a comprehensive health evaluation that includes a health risk questionnaire, blood tests, biometrics, physician review and recommendations. Individuals also have access to alerts for preventive screenings, reward programs, and discounts with national partners.

DMH Wellness Center professionals work with The Prevention Plan to provide personal goal-setting sessions designed to help individuals prioritize health risks and set realistic goals. Linda Danison, DMH Wellness Center Manager, sees The Prevention Plan as a great way for individuals to make a lifestyle change and improve overall health. “The Prevention Plan provides an opportunity for individuals to identify their health risks and track their progress over time,” Danison said.

The Prevention Plan is a product of U.S. Preventive Medicine, a privately-owned global prevention services company that provides clinical prevention services to government, employers, and consumers that are data-driven and outcomes-oriented.

To learn more about The Prevention Plan offered at the DMH Wellness Center, call 876-5370.