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DMH is the first in downstate Illinois to offer the new GE LOGIQ® E9 Ultrasound Scanner


Oct. 22, 2008, Decatur Memorial Hospital is the first in downstate Illinois to offer patients the newest technology in ultrasound that fuses ultrasound together with CT and MRI images using the new GE LOGIQ® E9 Ultrasound Scanner providing radiologists a multi-image view of a patient’s anatomy.

The new LOGIQ® E9 incorporates fusion to combine the advantages of real-time ultrasound imaging with previously acquired CT and MRI images and GPS-like technology that visually tracks and marks the patient’s anatomy during a scan with pinpoint accuracy. 

This new GE ultrasound system allows radiologists to view ultrasound images on a monitor along with the fused images of previous diagnostic CT and MRI images,” said Mark Muscato, M.D., radiologist, Decatur Memorial Hospital.  “The result is exceptional life-like images giving us clearer advantages in imaging technology.”    

Another key feature of the new ultrasound system allows clinicians to pre-program scan protocols that are most often performed, and then let the computerized system do the detailed manipulations as the patient is scanned.  This improves scan time up to 54 percent according to GE.

The new ultrasound system is another example of Decatur Memorial Hospital leading the way in Decatur with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology for better patient outcomes,” said Ken Smithmier, President & CEO, Decatur Memorial Hospital.